Mon histoire de verbes irréguliers, par Nassima

(actualisé le ) par Amélie Beney

Voici l’histoire de Nassima Ahamada, élève de 406. Elle fut lauréate du concours d’expression écrite organisée par l’équipe des professeurs d’anglais en 2015-2016 et a remporté deux cadeaux offerts par le FSE.

Le sujet était de rédiger une histoire originale contenant un maximum de verbes irréguliers, la voici, telle que Nassima nous l’a donnée.

   « I will hatch you... », the only sentence of a woman that I heard before to lose consciousness. After that, I awoke with burns on the body. While I was trying to understand what happened to me, someone began to speak.

« Elonia ? Do you feel good ? »

« Ye... Yes. », I stammered.

I wept in her arms. The person smiled friendly. She is my cousin, Kale. She comes every day close to the park, there where I was attacked.

She helps me stand up and drives me to the hospital.

That was the second time that a burly woman attacked me. The first time, I have been able to fled. I’m really afraid. I see again her bright orange hand go towards me, and throwing flames... Did I dream ?

Some days after the aggression, I return in my home with Kale. She makes a tea for me and bring it. 

« Sorry, I wet your trousers... », she said.

« That doesn’t matter, I will change them. »

When I changed me, I remarked my mark on the
thigh. That remember me my mother, who I have lost when I was young. Since, I let myself go and I don’t recover from this. I will never forget this period.

 When I return in the living room, Kale seemed preoccupied.

« Kale, I think you conceal me something. »

« Hmm, yes Elonia, that is true... Actually, I know
the woman who mugged you ; she lash out at me and now she wants to hurt you. »

« So, what does she want from me ? » I asked.

« Well... She works for evil. She would like to slay you, for bereave to your powers and use them at her expense », she answered.

« I don’t have any powers. » I retorted.

« Are you sure ? And the mark on your thigh ? Your mother had the same and I am certain that you know she had powers. They were very powerful, that’s why she was murdered. »

A lot of memories rise to the surface. I sighed, she’s right.

A little while later our discussion, exhausted, I decided to go in my bedroom to sleep.

« Take this. You will know when using it. » I’m reminded of this phrase during the night. My mother told me a ring. Early in the morning, I get out of the bed and seek. When I find it, I sensed that I had to wear this. Next, in the afternoon, I dress up and I go to a bar to take my mind off something. 


« I would like a milky coffee, please ». The delicate taste of the coffee appeased me.

Then, upon leaving the bar, I heard a voice. This voice, this woman. My heart beats very hard. I slink and run until I’m out of breath, away from her. She follows me. I finally stopped beside a forest. She stares at me with a slight grin. Her eyes are sparkling.


« You can’t escape me ! », she cried.

Vlam ! A flame. Vlum ! Another flame. I leapcreep, bend to avoid them. Unfortunately, I abruptly slide on tree trunk. « Outch, my ankle ! », I wailed. -I mustn’t grow weaker, I can’t...-

Suddenly, the forest burnt. All the forest lighted by the flames like spotlights in a hall. I felt at the same time fear and fascination. Nevertheless, the woman took me off from my distraction.

« You will soon end your flowering. Now, I’ll hatch you like a flower... A blood flower ! ». She laughed loudly. However, she didn’t impress me. I began to focus on the ring. Little by little, a bubble was forming around me. Shortly after that, the bubble burst and... There is no longer fire. The woman fell to the ground.


I managed to stop a criminal. The police could catch her, and me, I could find a meaning to my life. Since, instead of deny my power, I help people through it.